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  • Hi, I have a question if you can spare a few moments: a couple of years ago I created a page builder using flexible and repeater fields – while I kept things very simple (around 5-6 layouts with a couple of fields each), I had no issues. Alas, once I started adding complexity (doubled the layouts, each with 15-20ish fields) saving a post started taking 10-20 seconds (or even more), while the overall browser performance rendered the interface barely usable (very low framerate/browser begging me to kill it).

    Given this issue, I went for a different approach:

    • For post & pages I used a “lite” page builder with very few fields.
    • For the front-page (which usually has more content and diversity), i created a custom post type called “blocks” and loaded field-groups depending on the taxonomy (e.g. “block-gallery”, “block-map”, etc).

    Now, what I wanted to ask you is: while I’m pretty sure ACF performance has improved since 2 years ago, I can’t help but wonder – do you think there’s a chance you may end up hitting a wall where too many layouts & fields may hinder/ruin the users experience (specifically on mobile devices or old computers)? Do you have a different approach in mind?