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  • I’ve just stumbled onto this thread, and its very interesting. As a design/development agency, we’ve looked at a few front end builders and themes (Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.) to be able to allow our clients (the site owners) the ability to create their own layouts. However, many times, those builders are way to flexible and allow too much customization for tweakers and button pushers. They inevitably end up making pages look bad and off-brand.

    ACF’s Flexible Content has been amazing for us being able to control layouts, and allow users to simply update their content, and even move around content layout modules, as they see fit. However, not having a drag & drop, and graphical interface to illustrate certain layouts is something that seems to be missing from this admin experience.

    @luglio7 – I’d love to be able to check out the process and code you’re using to have some success with this “page builder” approach. Do you by chance have time to write up a sort of tutorial?