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  • Yes it sounds like a caching thing but can’t be. No caching whatsoever.

    The 850 entries refer to the number of blog post containing acf fields that I will have to edit.

    I lost you on the third paragraph.
    As part of a regular wp post, I have 2 AFC fields set up in the admin panel edit post. One is a multiple choice field the other is holding two content parts Ingredients and Instructions. They were set up this way by a developer.
    I fill in the content surrounded by the shortcode and hit publish.
    Then everything works fine.

    However I have 850 post inclusive of AFC fields, which need be edited und re-published (updated). This doesn’t work to all I know.
    But I gladly try a couple more to be sure. With other pressing client work pending, I can get back early tomorrow.

    Thank you