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  • Sorry, I can’t read the language so I can’t say, the images don’t help me much

    From what I understand reading you want to add a field group to a posts with a specific term of a custom taxonomy. This is what it appears you are trying to do by looking at the images. This is built into ACF5.

    "Post Taxonomy" "is equal to" "My Custom Taxonomy Term"

    If you want to do this yourself, ACF passes the values of the terms selected in $options[‘post_taxonomy’], you can see an example of where I get this value and determine what terms are selected on line 26 of this file:

    But I could be misunderstanding what you want to do and here are some others

    If you want to add it to the term edit page then you’d use

    "Taxonomy Term" "is equal to" "My Custom Taxonomy"

    I you are trying to add the field group to a specific term edit page of the custom taxonomy, they you could be right. In order to make is work when you select it instead of saving the post. ACF passes values to your location match filter in the $options argument.