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  • No, I indeed use ACF 5, Version 5.4.6 to be exact. There is no controllers golder in the core folder.

    To illustrate my problem better, I took four screenshots. The first one shows the rules that I use for the field group:

    Field group rules

    Next one is the add new portfolio screen. See the checked portfolio category CD Covers? The red arrow points to the missing meta box.

    Add portfolio screen

    The third screenshot ist after editing a saved portfolio entry. Again notice the checked portfolio category.

    Edit saved portfolio

    The last screenshot shows the same saved portfolio after I unchecked the portfolio category. The Metabox remains in place.

    Category unchecked

    Of course there aren’t any JS errors showing up in my Firebug Console. I hope the screenshots could explain my problem. MAybe I am simply too stupid, or I ran into a little issue.

    Any Idea about that?