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  • Other than that, the question is why isn’t is saving. It may be because you’re using a checkbox field, I’m not even sure what some of your settings are. For example 'toggle', seems to be a new setting on the checkbox field that I wasn’t aware of that lets you toggle all the choices on and off, but you only have one choice of “Yes”. It looks like you’re creating a “true/false” type of field so I’m a little lost tying to understand exactly what you’re doing.

    If I was going to create a true/false field as a setting in another field then I would use a true/false type of field. I’ve just exported a true/false field from ACF to use as an example here.

      'default_value' => 0,
      'message' => '',
      'ui' => 1,
      'ui_on_text' => 'On',
      'ui_off_text' => 'Off',
      'label' => 'test field',
      'name' => 'test_field',
      'type' => 'true_false',

    If I’ve completely missed the mark with all of this let me know where I’m misunderstanding. To this point I have not had any problems creating custom settings for fields and having the values save when creating a new field so I’m really just guessing at why you’re seeing this given the information you’ve provided.