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  • You should look at the first code example that I gave then with the switch case based on the url field. A switch/case statement is the same as and if/elseif statement. The main difference is that it’s a lot cleaner.

    Think of it like this

    $bookingfield = get_field('accom_booking_link');
    if ($bookingfield == 'first url') {
    } elseif ($bookingfield == 'second url') {
    } elseif ($bookingfield == 'third case') {
    } elseif ($bookingfield == 'fourth case') {
    } else {
      // default case

    This gets quite cumbersome after several elseif’s and is horrible to look at an manage, but can be done this way if you want. When dealing with many possibilities a switch statement can drastically reduce the amount of typing you need to do to code it.