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  • Hi John
    I’ve explained my problem badly I think.

    The user can only choose a checkin and a checkout date and press ‘submit’.

    PropertyA uses BookingSiteA
    PropertyB uses BookingSiteB
    both have different syntax for selecting dates

    The user selects dates then the dates are input into a link ($bookingfield)
    on SUBMIT they are sent to that URL.

    So if the use is on PropertyA the syntax is

    If the user is on PropertyB the syntax is

    PropertyA and PropertyB booking links are managed from the backend – the user can’t touch them – they’re set.

    So what I’m trying to do is find a flexible way of checking what is contained in the booking link field and depending on the result, compiling the URL in a different way.

    I’ve only given 2 examples of link syntax for simplicity, i’d like to be able to cover 7 or 8 different possibilities in an IF ELSEIF ELSE statement.

    This is the current code, that ONLY goes to

    $linkout = get_field('accom_booking_link');
    $datein = (isset($_GET['checkin']) ? $_GET['checkin'] : null);
    $dateout = (isset($_GET['checkout']) ? $_GET['checkout'] : null);
    <?php if (strpos($linkout, 'booking') !== false){ ?>
    <form id="datepick" method="GET" action="<?php echo $linkout . ';checkin=' . $datein . ';checkout=' . $dateout . ';' ?>">
        <li><label>Check In </label><input type="text" id="checkin" name="checkin" value=""/></li>
        <li><label>Check Out </label><input type="text" id="checkout" name="checkout" value="" /></li>
        <li class="submit"><input type="submit" onClick="ga('send', 'event', 'BookingCom', 'availabiliity', '<?php echo $name; ?>' );"></li>
    <?php }