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  • Actually, it would be a bit more complicated now that I’ve looked into it a little more. It’s going to take a combination of hooks to change the save path based on a specific field group and a way to keep track of what field is being saved.

    Please note that I have not tested this at all. It should work if I have not missed anything. I thought it was interesting and something that people might use. Please read the comments in my example.

      // for this I am creating a class so that we can
      // easily store infomation in one filter and then
      // retrieve it in another
      new acf_save_json_based_on_group_key();
      class acf_save_json_based_on_group_key {
        // $groups is an array of field group key => path pairs
        // these will be set later
        private $groups = array();
        // this variable will store the current group key
        // that is being saved so that we can retrieve it later
        private $current_group_being_saved;
        public function __construct() {
          // this init action will set up the save paths
          add_action('admin_init', array($this, 'admin_init'));
          // this action is called by ACF before saving a field group
          // the priority is set to 1 so that it runs before the internal ACF action
          add_action('acf/update_field_group', array($this, 'update_field_group'), 1, 1);
        } // end public function __construct
        public function admin_init() {
          // in this function we set up the paths where we want to store JSON files
          // in this example we're creating two folders in the theme header and footer
          // change the field groups and keys based on your groups
          $footer = get_stylesheet_directory().'/modules/footer';
          $header = get_stylesheet_directory().'/modules/header';
          $this->groups = array(
            'group_584d5b7986f02' => $header,
            'group_584d5b7986f03' => $footer
        } // end public function admin_init
        public function update_field_group($group) {
          // the purpose of this function is to see if we want to
          // change the location where this group is saved
          // and if we to to add a filter to alter the save path
          // first check to see if this is one of our groups
          if (!isset($this->groups[$group['key']])) {
            // not one or our groups
            return $group;
          // store the group key and add action
          $this->current_group_being_saved = $group['key'];
          add_action('acf/settings/save_json',  array($this, 'override_json_location'), 9999);
          // don't forget to return the groups
          return $group;
        } // end public function update_field_group
        public function override_json_location($path) {
          // alter the path based on group being saved and
          // our save locations
          $path = $this->groups[$this->current_group_being_saved];
          return $path;
        } // end public function override_json_location
      } // end class acf_save_json_based_on_group_key