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  • thanks john,

    so, i haven’t found any pre_get_posts filters to disable, and i’m not sure what you mean by point 3) above, which suggests to me that i didn’t add anything of that type to the theme either. where/how would i check this?

    i enabled debug mode and the error log but haven’t seen anything. there were one or two things that came up on the front end which i was able to fix but they were unrelated to this. i’m not seeing anything in the back end where the list is returning empty.

    i may not have used the log properly, as it didn’t create a file.

    i’ve gone back to the dev site which is still up and have found tough that i have the same problem there, so it must be related to something i did just before completing this job and taking it live. do you have any idea where else i could look for the cause please?