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  • Yes, there are differences between ACF4 and 5. I don’t think that the developer would consider this a bug.

    ACF4 had the following array elements for a field group

    		'options' => array (
    			'position' => 'normal',
    			'layout' => 'no_box',
    			'hide_on_screen' => array (
    		'menu_order' => 0,

    These are replaced in ACF5 with

    	'menu_order' => 0,
    	'position' => 'normal',
    	'style' => 'default',
    	'label_placement' => 'top',
    	'instruction_placement' => 'label',
    	'hide_on_screen' => '',
    	'active' => 1,
    	'description' => '',

    This reflects some of the added features of ACF5.

    There are other things that make ACF4 and ACF5 incomparable, as you mentioned, the function name for added a field group has changes. Many hooks have changed as well. The fact that modifications to the database need to be made should be an indicator that what works in one will not work in the other.,

    ACF5 can do things that ACF4 cannot do. There are field types that are available in ACF5 that were not available in ACF4. If you are creating a plugin meant to work specifically with ACF4 then I would build it while using ACF4 just to make sure I didn’t include something that would not function.

    Maybe I’m odd, but I take it for granted that a plugin will most likely not be backwards compatible.

    If you still think that this requires attention then you should submit a support ticket.