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  • I looked in wp_post meta and found some ACF field entries, so the data appears to be intact.

    Also, my theme uses an if(get_field()) to conditionally display the ACF content, including static headers.

    The weird thing is that the headers are displaying (so get_field must be resolving as true), and yet none of the content actually shows up. Here’s a code snippet:

    <?php if(get_field('lot')): ?>
    						<tr cellpadding="10">
    							<th><?php the_field('lot_type'); ?></th>
    							<th><?php the_field('lot_pricebuilder'); ?></th>
    							<?php if (get_field('lot_expiry') == "True") {
    								echo "<th>Expiry</th>";
    					<?php while(the_repeater_field('lot')): ?>
    					<?php $sold = get_sub_field('lot_availability');?>
    					<tr <?php echo "class="; the_sub_field('lot_availability');?>>
    						<td><?php the_sub_field('lot_block'); ?></td>
    						<td><?php the_sub_field('lot_number'); ?></td>
    						<td><?php the_sub_field('lot_size'); ?></td>
    							<?php if (get_field('lot_pricebuilder') == "Builder") {
    									if (get_sub_field('lot_builder') == "null") {
    										echo "&nbsp;";
    									} else {
    								} elseif (get_field('lot_pricebuilder') == "Price") {
    									if ($sold == "Sold") {
    										echo "-";
    									} else {
    						<?php $avail = get_sub_field('lot_availability'); if ($avail == 'null' ) { } elseif ($avail) { echo $avail; } ?>
    						<?php if (get_field('lot_expiry') == "True") {
    							echo "<td><span style=font-size:11px>";
    							echo "</span></td>";
    					<?php endwhile; ?>
    				<?php endif; ?>

    and yet it renders out as: