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  • Hi ppl

    I have a 18 fields ACF module, full of tabs for making step configurations & gather options per group.

    Also i added some conditional logic for displaying blocs options.

    All that mixed, i get the same problems…

    I noticed that all performances issues i get, comes from AJAX requests that timeout & behaviors associated on the client side.

    Here is AN IDEA on how you could handle that for making BETTER performance with your ACF module :

    On load, parse arrays of modules & instanciate them like this :

    > Module is in a Tab ?
    1. Yes : Is it the default TAB ?
    1.1. Yes : conditionalLoad()
    1.2. No : wait the tab has focus for conditionalLoad()
    2. No : conditionalLoad()

    THEN, conditionalLoad() check if the field is activated by the conditional logic
    You can also add another layer of performance optimisation : load a module WHEN it is also in viewport (tabLoad() > conditionalLoad() > inViewportLoad())

    I use flexible but also repeater fields with rows or blocs that have each SELECT field 😉 so imagine what i have…

    actually i get 100+ async requests on load… from that !!