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  • My biggest issue is during the image upload process. My current implementation is as follows:

    Flexible Field
    – Layout
    — Flexible Field
    — Image Upload
    — Plain Text

    The Layouts are 1,2,3,4 columns etc… so each column could use WYSIWYG, image or plain text options.

    Right now I have ACF PRO 5.4.8, am using @hube2 Reusable Field Groups plugin along with some others that I’ve included in the below zip.

    So far I’ve switched WYSIWYG to text tab default (trying @3pointross plugin :), switched from using image object to ID, use no conditionals in the front end. Around image number 5 being added to a column row, I get exceptional page lag.

    I completely understand limiting the complexity of flex content fields, but really want ACF to work as it’s a great plugin @elliot

    UPDATE Have to abandon ACF on a current client site. They experience timeouts when creating rows. I’d love a concrete solution here, but Beaver Builder is going to have to replace for this project.