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  • thanks a lot James
    I have 197.508 rows with empty meta_value on wp_postmeta table.
    I think it’s a lot of rows but if you think it shouldn’t affect my database performance much I’m thinking in not to delete them.
    Not all are from ACF fields. 47.460 rows are from ACF fields.

    1- do you think I have to delete them?

    2- if i delete them and I go to modify one post can I insert something on the post after I have deleted it or it’s not possible?

    3- On the table I have for example the field “mytext” and I see that on some of them there is also a field like “_mytext”. When I have the two items the item “_mytext” is for example = field_517ea3ab37372 and the item “myfield” is empty. the two items have the same post_id. If I delete the empty “myfield” row could it be a problem?

    To select only the custom fields empty I do
    SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE wp_postmeta.meta_value = ” AND (wp_postmeta.meta_key =’myfield’ OR wp_postmeta.meta_key =’myfield2′)
    and I get 47.460 rows

    sorry for the questions and thanksa lot.