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  • @acf-support I’m a web designer and not a developer, but I would like to learn some things for myself. I’m happy that there is this acf plugin. It gives me more freedom in the template development. It’s amazing 🙂

    In most cases, few PHP skills are sufficient. Sorry for my question.

    But, I can’t unterstand, why the automatically export is no main feature? The PHP export is the best way to get all of the fields to the different theme users. With the JSON export, each user must be sync the new fields manually. With a theme update, which include the new fields in the exported php file is the better way for me. Because then the user has all new fields, without doing something.

    That’s the reason, because I want create a automatically generated file export. It is less error-prone, if you should forget to update the file. Or is there a better way?

    My english is not the best, I hope you can understand me 🙂