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  • From what I know about it, there were specific bugs in V4 of select2 that are preventing the developer from using it, not sure if those were resolved. There are also some major changes in the select2 API that need to be dealt with that are not backward compatible with V3. I do know that the current work for V5.5 still uses select2 V3, but V4 is also present in the dev version and there is a new setting in ACF that will determine which version is loaded. It’s a good question, but I don’t know the exact answer other than that it’s in the works.

    Even if ACF updates to 4, there is no guarantee that the ability to choose the same value multiple times will be built into ACF. This may still be something that you’d need to add to specific fields by adding custom JS. Adding this feature would require modifications to existing fields to add a setting and as long as the fields are working for the majority of users it probably won’t be a priority.