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  • While it’s probably a good idea as an example, that is a plugin for tinyMCE and woven into the WP content editor.

    You need to somehow extract this and add some more code since this form passes the results back to the WYSIWYG and you’d need it to pass results back to the field in question, or simply build it as part of the field settings.

    You also need to remember that ACF only stores a single value for a “page link” field. An interface like this would require storing an array that includes, at a minimum url and open in new tab values, possibly the link text if you want to allow them to supply that. A field that allows these things would require a new field type because none of the available field types store the value in a way that would be compatible with this.

    If you attached something like this to the current URL field, and did not supply the “open in new window” option, then you would only be able to store the URL and eventually you’d have people asking “can you add an option to open it in a new window”… and then the inevitable “can you add a way to browse to external links to select them”. Granted, that last one is pie in the sky, but I’ve had clients ask be why they can’t do that with the one built into WP.