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  • The ticket system, whatever that is, is separate from this forum. I don’t work for or have access to whatever system is used for support tickets. I just help out here on this forum.

    I’ve given some thought to this and to actually make this work. The page link field is a select2 field. Not only would we need a select field with an “add other” option (another thing that’s been on the “to do” list for as long as I can remember), which does not exist, the add other option would need to be able to work with a field that uses select2.

    I don’t have the time to work on something like this either. If I really, really needed it for a client project because the client is being difficult, that’s the only reason I’d build it. It’s just easier to create a radio field that allows them to set what kind of link they want to add (page, url, file) and then do a little more coding when I build the template that uses it. I don’t find it all that much extra work, a few minutes. Building something like this would be hours and hours of work figuring it out and getting it working. It would take me years to get that time back considering how little time it would actually save me when by using it. Then if you add to that the amount of time I’d need to spend supporting it if I released it as an add on…. I generally only do this for something that’s going to save me time in the long run. I understand that this is an important feature for some, but for me it’s just something that would be nice if E can find the time to get to it.

    Elliot has been know to use ideas from others and incorporate them into ACF. Many new field types have been added that started out as an add on by someone else. Elliot also does pay attention to feature requests, he just doesn’t get time to read topics here very often. Like I said, I assume this is on a to do list somewhere and when there are no important things that need to be done he’ll probably work on some of the ones that get a lower priority… but if you’re a dev with a huge workload then you know how often that happens. There is only one developer coding, maintaining and improving ACF.