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  • Thanks for helping, with this. It didn’t work though. I’m not sure what the strolower is, but it looks to place everything in lowercase ( don’t need that). in any case it’s not affecting the order or changing case when i implement this code.

    I’m not sure that the title is right in the add_filter call.
    right now it’s name=session_speaker. should it be name=session?

    To make sure we’re on teh same page…
    CPT 1. (EVENT)

    session (repeater field)
    session_speaker (post object related to CPT SPEAKER)

    CPT 2. (SPEAKER)
    title (this is what i want to be sorted by.

    So when someone loads my event page and browses to the schedeule they will see a session that has several speakers. I want those items to sort by 2nd word in title of the SPEAKER posts that are showing up. If nothing else by ASC at minimum. Right now they are sorted by how we drag them in the page edit page when entering them (see image previously attached) I want to over-ride that so no matter how they are entered, they will present on front end in alpha ASC order.