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  • I can agree to a point, but I’m not the developer. Something like this might eventually make it in, but Elliot has several more important things on the to do list right now and waiting for it would not be a good idea. He’s also not very fond of adding things for what would be considered edge cases, which is why he’s supplied a plethora of hooks for those of us that fit into specific niches. While image aspect ratio may be important to some, it would simply confuse most of the clients I work for. It’s really easier to create a custom image size in WP that crops the images to the correct ratio and tell them that’s it’s going to be cropped. I for one never use full size images and generally make them impossible to use by clients simply because telling them they need to reduce image sizes even when they meet the 2M upload limit is just more than I can expect some of them to understand or be able to do. Telling them that images have to be a specific aspect ratio would likely get me a lot of blank stares as if I were speaking a language they don’t understand 😛