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  • I added the caps which weren’t added (create_posts) but this didn’t change a thing…

    I find it weird only admins can add images but other roles can’t. I looked through all my code to see if there was something related to current_user_can() but nothing.

    The basic uploader is not what I want, because that way images don’t seem to be linked to a post and some of my functions get bypassed.

    It really frustrates me, been working on this whole day and can’t find the solution (or even a hint) to why users can’t upload.

    I deactivated a whole bunch of plugins but nothing 🙁

    Edit: just switched to twentytwelve and it does work there, so it is something theme related, since that was the only difference. I didn’t deactivate any plugins during this test.

    I tried eliminating a whole bunch of template functions but I can’t get it to work yet.