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  • Sorry have another question 🙂

    The image upload seems to be working for administrators. If I use a lower user role, I get an error, saying an error has occurred. But no specification what type of error.

    Only limitations I have is minimum size (dimensions) and max file size.
    I had a file type limitation but took it out for a test. Doesn’t work with/without.

    Do users need a custom capability to upload images ?
    Thought the form took care of it.

    Note: all user roles have the cap upload_files

    Edit: I tested all user roles (with the wp uploader), none works except administrator… All end in error, without specifying what the error is.

    More edit: I noticed it only occurs when using the wp uploader. I set it to basic and now the (single) photo uploader works. But the gallery still uses the wp uploader.