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  • You were right….
    When I changed $post_ID to a hardcoded post ID (which had images), the images showed right away on the front-end.

    I fiddled around with ob_start but I didn’t quite know how/what… So I started to retest everything from the beginning and I think there might have been an incorrect var on line 37, because I have managed to get the form up and running without the use of ob_start.

    Will need to do some more testing but first signals look good. I also need to rewrite the code, because my code is not written DRY, so I need to delete the 2nd instance of the acf_form (but that’s not perse necessary for it to work).

    PS didn’t think I could upload files here, so hence why the long json export in private and pastebin. You may delete them since we don’t need them anymore.