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  • Repeaters are saved in multiple db entires. The meta_key for the repeater holds the number of rows. Each subfield is saved at “{$repeater}_{$row}_{$sub_fieeld}”

    There isn’t any page where you can find all ACF functions. The 2 functions that I posted are internal function used by ACF and not something that most people would use. They are functions that I know are there because I have spent several years digging around in the ACF code to not only know how it works but to build things that alter the way ACF functions.

    There isn’t any way to get all of the fields of a specific type other than to know what fields you want to get. ACF does not even know what type of field is being called until it matches a field name up with a field key and gets the field object. I suppose you could build additional functionality that does this, but there’s nothing built in that will do it for you.