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  • If you’re still around, let’s find out it the value is getting to WP or if the value is being removed before WP is loaded.

    This will require a bit of hacking, but sometimes it’s necessary. You didn’t say, so I am assuming that the field is on a “post” edit screen, if not let me know.

    Step 1) Open the page/post where the field is not submitting the empty value. Make sure the field has a value and save the post. Leave the browser open on this page while you do the next step.

    Step 2) Open the file /wp-admin/post.php, the top of the file should look something like this.

     * Edit post administration panel.
     * Manage Post actions: post, edit, delete, etc.
     * @package WordPress
     * @subpackage Administration
    /** WordPress Administration Bootstrap */

    Just after the opening PHP tag add this

    echo '<pre>'; print_r($_POST); die;
    /** .....

    Step 3) Go back to the browser and remove the value from the field and then click update post. You should get see the submitted array of values. Is the field that you are trying to clear there and does it have an empty string as a value?