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  • Hi John,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Sorry if my question was not clear enough.

    I am not after a “front end” functionality.

    I am trying to use the “advanced example in this tutorial but in a different way:

    In this example, the function searches for posts that have custom fields populated with “red” and “orange”, and returns an array of them.

    This will be fine for a small scale, but i am trying to replace more that 400 grids. this means 400 function like this.

    I already achieved putting 2 multi select taxonomy ACFs. one for categories and one for tags.

    What I am trying to to is to alter the function in the tutorial to say:

    – inspect the taxonomy IDs in the 2 fields of the post i am editing
    – query the database based on these taxonomy IDs
    – return an array.

    That way, i have only one function, and change the values per post, and get the corresponding array.

    then we worry about how to show them as a grid.

    Please advise if you need more information.

    Very much appreciated.