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  • When it is reported it is almost always related in some way to migrating a site from one place to another, though I don’t know why. It seems to happen on godaddy more than it happens anywhere else. I’ve never used godaddy, and quite honestly, probably never will. Every time it comes up here, and it comes up a lot, I have tried to recreate the problem and have never been able to do so.

    Some things to check after a migration:

    Look at the values that are store in the database for the option value. These can be found in the wp_options table with the option name "options_{$field_name}" Is the value stored here the same as the value stored on the DB you are migrating from.

    Check the value that is being returned by ACF $value = acf_get_field('my_url_field', 'options'); echo $value;

    Check the field key for the field in the options table. The field key can be found under the options name of "_options_{$field_name}". Id the field key correct? Does it match the field key for the field on the site?

    Are the field keys for the site where it’s working and the site where it’s not the same?

    Personally I have never used or trusted automated migration tools. Since this comes up mostly as something that happens when moving data from one site to another site, my first suspect would be in how the data is getting from one site to the other and looking for what the difference in that data is.