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  • Jonathan,
    This is an old topic, but I don’t believe the core issue (if we want to call it that) has been addressed.

    While there is a JSON import function, it serves the same purpose as the old xml import functionality, correct?

    The core use case for me is when I have a few hundred lines of ACF code in my functions.php and I want to either edit an existing ACF field or add a new ACF field to an existing field group. My workflow to do that right now is to:

    1. create the field via the ACF WP admin functionality
    2. export that field via php
    3. copy the portions of the php export code that I will use
    4. paste the appropriate php code into the appropriate place in functions.php

    This is doable, but it _is_ definitely cumbersome.

    I don’t know how many people have this issue, but it is definitely an issue that deserves to be prioritized amongst other priorities (maybe it’s the lowest priority and never gets the feature build, but it should be on the list imho). 🙂