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  • Hi John,

    This was setup using the PHP implementation to create a custom field (via PHP). I’ve used code provided by you to create a plugin which enables me to create a custom type:

    The following code is (removed some customer-related stuff) from the file “fields/acf-fieldtype.php” (partially custom name):

    function render_field($field)
    $select_options = [
    CUSTOMER::REPORT_A => ‘A Rapport’,
    CUSTOMER::REPORT_B => ‘B Rapport’

    acf_render_field_setting($field, [
    ‘key’ => $field[‘key’],
    ‘type’ => ‘select’,
    ‘name’ => $field[‘name’],
    ‘choices’ => $select_options,
    ‘value’ => $field[ ‘value’ ]

    What i did to find the issue: var_dump $settings function in the ACF PRO plugin at the beginning of acf_render_field_setting, before it extracts the settings, then below the setting extraction and then below the code for which i suggested a fix.