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  • Hi @emrl

    But what is it you want the shortcode to generate? ACF field inputs? Or field outputs?
    With inputs you have the issue I mentioned above.. I mean, ACF could render the inputs but it’d be very hard to make any sense of them in a theme frontend with <form> elements etc.
    And with outputs.. well most of the fields are reduntant because they are just regular tinyMCE input (paragraphs, numbers, dates, links, images etc.). And for the more complex field types like repeater field.. I don’t know how one would assume to display that in the editor in a standardized way. They’re being used in so many different ways it’s impossible.

    Sorry for beating down on your idea 🙂 I’ve been using ACF since the early days and I’ve developed quite a few add ons for it so I’m just trying to figure out wether this would be a good idea or not.