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  • Hi @movingsale

    You’re registering scripts and CSS files using wp_footer which should not be done. Then you’re registering some more using the wp_enqueue_scripts hook which is correct.

    You should move all your scripts and css into the second function. Also make sure you put the scripts in the correct order of when they’re required. Look at the dependency parameter of wp_enqueue_script()

    My best guess is that you have issues with the order of scripts loading and/or some files not loading at all. Also, make sure that if the slick slider tries to use some images and/or fonts for the graphical things like arrows, they need to be added and linked correctly as well.

    My tip to you is to have a look at your sites console tab in the inspector (chrome, firefox). I think safari has something like it too but I’ve not used it for developing for quite some time so I don’t know 🙂