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  • Hi guys

    I’ve just been testing this issue on a support ticket and have some useful info for you. I’ve found a scenario where the have_rows function will fail, and it’s all to do with the clone field’s display setting.

    The issue can be found when a clone field is used as a sub field to clone in another loop-able field (repeater / flexible content). If this clone field uses the ‘display = block’ setting, the have_rows function will fail.

    This issue is only specific to a sub clone field. If the clone field was a parent field, there is no issue. Similarly, if the clone field’s display setting is set to ‘seamless’, there will also be no issue.

    The issue is due to the way the clone field loads it’s value when ‘display = block’. If you use the get_field() function and simply print out the value, you will notice a slightly different data structure for the block/seamless settings.

    To solve the problem, please use the ‘seamless’ setting for your nested clone field. I will look into finding a solution for this issue.