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  • Hi Elliot. My issue with tinymce seems to have persisted unfortunately. See my above post.

    Just to confirm my scenario for debugging:

    • If visual editor is default tab it’s not working (switching to text tab works)
    • If text tab is default, I can switch to visual tab and it works.
    • It’s a form in a user Add/Edit form. However I am pulling the acf_form to a front end template page and behavior is the same.
    • I’ve tried deactivating all my plugins apart from ACF. No change.
    • I’ve tried removing all other jQuery based fields from my field group. No change.
    • WYSIWYG working fine on pages flexible fields. (don’t get that at all)

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help debug from my end. I’m out of ideas here.