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  • thanks john, i appreciate the reply.

    i think i understand what you’re suggesting in theory but i’m struggling to put it into practice – i don’t quite understand the syntax of the code well enough i guess.

    i’m stumbling over nailing the correct query because of the fact that the blog uses a static front page and as such the query i am looking to affect is on the posts page. as far as i can tell is_home should target that (and did perfectly apart from the effect it had on the repeater fields), but of course your additional code would need to be added into that and i’m not sure exactly how.

    it doest appear that i can simply stack those if checks one above the other. do they need to be combined into a single statement?

    as far as what i’m trying to do is concerned, it really is just a case of the posts page having an initial offset of 5 and still being paginated, but without affecting repeaters.