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  • This is only a guess…

    More than likely one of the other plugins is loading and older version of a jQuery plugin than the one used in ACF.

    Why does deactivating them and activating them make it start working? The order that plugins are loaded is dependent on the order they were activated. When you deactivate everything else and only have ACF active, and then reactivate them, the other plugins load after ACF. This could effect the order in which scripts are enqueued. If ACF enqueues the version of a JS file before another plugin then that is the version that will be used.

    For those that are having this problem I would look all of the plugins, searching the code for wp_enqueue_script and wp_register_script I would look for anywhere that ACF and another plugin are enqueuing the same script handle and then I would look at the versions of the JS files that each plugin is loading. This will narrow down what might be causing the conflict and then we might be able to figure out where it needs to be corrected.