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    My captions for images added into wysiwyg fields have suddenly stopped appearing. A few days ago they were fine, I think, but today they are suddenly gone. In fact, WordPress is no longer wrapping the captioned images in a <figure> tag so the whole layout has gone awry. It is basically treating captioned images as uncaptioned images. I am not 100% sure it is not due to something I have done, but if anyone can give advice would be v grateful. All my plugins and theme etc are up to date. THe site is not live, it is on mamp, still being built.

    If I add an image in the standard (non acf) wysiwyg, captions do appear.


    I think I may have found the cause. Plugin called wp typography, if I deactivate it, the captions reappear. Not sure yet, maybe there is a compatibility issue.