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  • Ok, I’d like to re-open this as it wasn’t solved and I’m trying to do the same thing only I really need to keep it in the ACF Pro family. I have a couple Volleyball clubs that have to update their teams and players each season. Here’s the current setup:
    Team CPT (team)

    • Players (players): Relationship field, can select multiple posts, limited to only the “player” CPT.

    Player CPT (player)

    • Team (team): Relationship field, required, can select only one post, limited to only the “team” CPT.

    I’d like to setup the bidirectional relationship to allow a player CPT to select a team CPT from it’s “team” relationship field and that team CPT then have it’s “player” relationship field updated with the new player CPT. And vice versa. I have the ability to import the massive list of players to assign to the 30+ teams but without the bidirectional option this won’t really work. From a management standpoint it’s much easier to edit a team’s list of players from the team CPT edit page. However, the CSV import allows to mass update or add players and thereby the teams they are assigned to.

    Is this possible with ACF Pro? If so, I’d be happy to write up a nice article detailing all of the setup I’ve gone through with these relationships as I’m sure others have tried to accomplish similar functionality albeit different CPT and field names. Those of course have been changed to protect the innocent. 🙂