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  • So, I think I may understand what’s happening, maybe. Is the image associated with the user’s profile page? Or is this image added to some other page?

    If it’s on the user profile page then it is save in the wp_usermeta table. Unlike the other tables in WP on a multisite where each site has it’s own table, on multisite all the sites still share the same _usermeta table. When you upload an image on site 2, that image is stored in the wp_2_posts table and associated with site 2. When you go to site 3, that image is not found in the wp_3_posts table, so the user does not have an image there. If you now upload an image on site 3, the image ID in the single _usermeta table is updated to point to the new image in the wp_3_posts table. This image ID does not exist in the wp_2_posts table so the image is not found there any more.

    On a multisite installation, custom fields that have any type of a relationship to other tables are going to give you this problem. You will either need unique names for these fields on every site or you will need to only update the values on the main site and then switch to the main blog before getting these values with