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  • Hi John,
    I’m not sure if I’ve over complicated things here or not but I have tried your code above replaced the taxonomy name with my own taxonomy and have set on the ACF field, save and load terms to yes and I have return value set to Term ID but I just get a posts not found message. I have double checked that I have selected the correct category in the Taxonomy field on the edit page screen and double checked I have posts associated with that category but still shows posts not found.

    I tried returning post object, as well as a mixture of save and load terms…

    Little confused by your last message but again it may be me not explaining it correctly so I will do my best below to outline exactly what it is I am trying to achieve.

    I have a custom post type with custom taxonomies (categories and tags). This is all working correctly no problems here I can get them to display in a loop perfectly as well.

    This CPT is called ‘Exercise Database’, I then have 2 taxonomies associated with it:

    Exercise Categories
    Exercise Tags

    Inside Exercise Categories, I have created 10 different categories for different body parts. Chest, back, abs… and so on.

    I have also created a separate ‘Page Template’ called ‘Exercise Category Template’, this has nothing to do with necessary CPT files ‘single-‘, ‘archive-‘ and ‘taxononmy-‘. This is a theme based template that can be used on multiple pages via the add pages screen.

    The reason I need this page template is because: For each body part (category within the taxonomy) I need a separate page of information as well as the ability to only display exercises for that part of the body. I don’t want chest exercises on the back page. I only want to show the posts with the category of chest for the chest page.

    Hence my need for the custom loop because I need to pass the ‘back’ category from the custom taxonomy ‘Exercise Categories’ into the page that I have about back exercises. This is the same for each of the 10 pages.

    So I used the ‘Taxonomy’ ACF field so that I could hopefully insert the correct category back, chest or whichever one I needed into the loop and then the page only shows the posts from whichever category I have selected.

    Hopefully this will give you a thorough understanding of what I am trying to achieve, I am sorry I have only just started working with PHP but hopefully this will help!

    Thank you