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  • I looked at everything all the way back to the WP function add_menu_page and() add_submenu_page()….

    When the pages are added the callback function for showing the page is acf_pro_options_page::html. There’s nothing that can be hooked once this function is called.

    There also does not seem to be a way to alter the callback function.

    You might possibly be able to do this by removing the hook that is added by WP and add your own hook for the options page to call a different callback function.

    For example, the hook for a top level options page looks something like this "toplevel_page_{$options_page_slug}", the hook for a sub page looks like this "{$parent_slug}_page_{$options_page_slug}" and an options page added to something like posts has a hook that looks like. "posts_page_{$options_page_slug}"

    But I’m not sure there is a way to remove ACF’s action so that you can add you own callback option. If you can figure out how to do this then you could write your own view page.