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  • Thanks so much James, sorry for taking your time since in fact now i realised this is nothing to do with ACF. But i thought could be something into the acf/save_post that i was missing.

    The idea you talked is similar what i first did and i think i´m going to do it that way at the end.

    All this think was becuse YOAST uses de post_content to analize things on the post edit screen, and tested some other things with yoast filters to let the custom fields to be analized, but no luck into that, so, i ended doing this thing with acf/save_post using the same front-end template to save the post_content.

    By the way this way makes the thing available to any other SEO plugin that uses the post_conntent. And in fact if i develope it more, i will able to use just the_content() on the template, since all the html is there on the saved post_content…. one day i will leave this on github, is like a page builder using flexible content, and i have all programed so the only thing i need to do is create a new layout and a template with same name, ready to use with just a few clicks 🙂

    At this moment i have created many layouts that are very general, so i can use them on almost any site and not creating custom particular things for every site. A lot of time saved when developing.

    Well, that´s all, have a nice day.