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  • Thank you for the script John!

    In fact, I have a thesaurus build with (CM Tooltip glossary premium), where we can find simple concepts, best practices, and actions. They’re all of the same type, only their taxonomy is different. Say I want to link a best practice to a concept. The name of the relation is “acf_reciprocal_relationship”. The field is used in two group fields, and the title of the field is “Test”.

    1. I put the script in the functions.php theme’s file and I uploaded it.
    2. I went to ACF 4, and created a new standard relationship named “acf_reciprocal_relationship”.
    3. In a concept edit page I selected two best practice and I published the post.
    4. I refreshed then the associated best practice edit page: nothing shows up. I can’t see any relationship (the field is empty). 🙁