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  • Thanks for this! For anyone having trouble, here’s what worked for me. Before applying this fix, this is what I was seeing:

    • Plugins → Installed Plugins: no visible update
    • Custom Fields → Updates: Latest Version: 5.4.0, Update Available: Yes (with button to Update Plugin)
    • Clicking the Update Plugin button (wp-admin/plugins.php?s=Advanced+Custom+Fields+Pro) shows ACF PRO with no available update

    After applying Elliot’s fix to core/updates.php, the above was unchanged but doing the following triggered the update for me:

    1. Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins
    2. Select the checkbox next to Advanced Custom Fields PRO
    3. Choose Update from the Bulk Actions dropdown and click Apply
    4. Once the page loads, click Return to Plugins page

    Now there will be an available update for ACF PRO which you can apply normally.