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  • Yep I tried the elseif approach and I can comfirm it only shows 1 value, but there is still something I need to clear up, when a post get edited it shows the old value in some cases, for example I had a bus with the following info:
    Make : Avia
    Model : Preslav
    The output was : Avia:Preslav

    Now I updated it to:
    Make : Daf
    Model : Leyland
    The output is : Daf:Preslav

    How can I clean up the old fields on post edit, using the save_post or pre_save_post filters? What should I be looking for.

    Also is there a way to remove the values from hidden fields with js if there is class ‘acf-clhi’ instant, like on Choice 2 – Text field 1 get val(“”) because there is class ‘acf-clhi’.

    Thanks for your answer again, it is the one that solved my question I will mark it as a solution, but I would be really thankfull if you could help me with this either. 🙂