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  • Hi @yavisht

    I think your code is good enough. You can also move it so the repeater is updated before you’re trying to show it like this:

    if( !have_rows('quick_links', 'user_' . $user_id) ){
        $updated_value = array(
            array("icon"=>"fa-align-justify","title"=>"Link 1","link"=>""),
            array("icon"=>"fa-align-justify","title"=>"Link 2","link"=>""),
            array("icon"=>"fa-align-justify","title"=>"Link 3","link"=>""),
        update_field('quick_links', $updated_value , 'user_' . $user_id);
    if( have_rows('quick_links', 'user_' . $user_id) ):
        // loop through the rows of data
        while ( have_rows('quick_links', 'user_' . $user_id) ) : the_row();
            // Testing field output
            the_sub_field('icon', 'user_' . $user_id);
            echo "<br />";
            the_sub_field('title', 'user_' . $user_id);
            echo "<br />";
            the_sub_field('link', 'user_' . $user_id);
            echo "<br />";
            echo "<br />";

    I hope this helps 🙂