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  • Good clarifying yes I expected it already worked that way that the field groups were copied (as English fields) to the new language. So your saying that doesn’t happen. However it doesn’t happen because they are posts and WPML blocks them from appearing, so the advice given earlier should resolve it:

    If you don’t need to translate the field groups, then you need to set the “Field Groups” Custom Post Types translation to “Do Nothing” on WPML -> Translation Management page.

    And the second option would be embed your ACF fields, which I like to do for plugins because then you can version control the fields… if your using git and your deploying in stages when you add a new field your going to want to test anyway so it does take away the interface but you gain a better testing process and easy deployment.

    Have you run tests of these options to see if either resolve the issue? I see when those options were suggested you replied “… but I do need to translate the field groups”. That is not true as far as I can understand the problem. If your goal is just use the same fields say in Spanish pages as you used in English, and you don’t want Spanish labels in the admin… then you just want to prevent WPML from blockading the normal ACF placement. And that’s technically what’s happening there, it’s WPML that says hold on that’s English content we can’t show that on the Spanish edit page. But if you tell WPML hey I’m not trying to translate those field groups, let them in… they should show up.