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  • So it looks like the OP figured it out over at:

    However, I have a similar situation. If I should open a completely new thread then please let me know but I’d like to use an ACF Pro Relationship field to prepend to my CPT. Here’s my situation:

    I have a CPT “Team” with a relationship field that allows you to select multiple values for the CPT “Player”. The URL structure of the “Team” CPTs looks like “/teams/darkside/12-darkside” for the team named “12 Darkside” and the category “Darkside”. I currently am using code that I posted over at
    The code updates the permalink of the “Team” to use the structure “/teams/[team-category]/[team-name]”.

    So…is there a way to use either Bidirectional Relationship code or just use the Relationship field on the “Team” CPT to prepend “/teams/darkside/12-darkside/” before the “Player” CPT’s permalink? The end result would look like “/teams/darkside/12-darkside/[player-name]”.