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  • I’m struggling with this issue as well.

    I have a theme ready to sell, using ACF Pro Flexible Content as a page builder. I’m trying to integrate WPML, because I’ll be able to get more sales with this added, however the only way for users to create pages for other languages is to first duplicate all field groups. There are 2 problems with this:

    1 – ACF will be hidden for those who purchase the them, as per the requirements of theme-bundled ACF Pro.

    2 – Even if it were possible, I can’t expect users to do this. I’ll receive negative ratings on the theme.

    So I either need to remove WPML support and lose sales, or completely rebuild it using something that supports WPML properly. I love ACF Pro, that’s why I’m using it. Is there any way that the duplication of field groups can be automated somehow? Visual Composer does this (but I’d rather not use it).