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  • @hube2 , I think I’m still messing it up. :/ It still says ‘Array’ on the Blog Page (Posts page). Maybe I got something twisted up…

    When I added the ‘Blog Introductory’ Field, with it’s two subfields (for Headline and Page Description), I told it to show the field if ‘Page Type is equal to Posts Page’. However, when I click through to Pages > ‘Blog- Posts Page’, the field isn’t there.

    Of course, all I did was change my code directly to your recommendation, so it looks like this:

    <?php the_field('blog_introduction', get_option('page_for_posts')); ?>
        <div id="introParagraph" class=" col-xs-12 p-y-2">
                if (have_rows('blog_introduction', $post_id)):
                while(have_rows('blog_introduction', $post_id)):
            <h1 class="text-xs-left col-xs-10 col-md-offset-1 m-b-1">
                    the_sub_field('page_header'); ?>
            <div class="col-md-3 col-md-offset-1 col-xs-7 m-t-1">
                <h3 class="text-xs-left" id="headerDescription">
                        the_sub_field('page_description_paragraph'); ?>

    Forgive me, I haven’t been doing WP develoment long, but thank you for your patience!